Avi Trade Corp

The President of the Company, Mr. Steve Dinh, has a combined accumulated and extended experience in worldwide transportation and trading business since 1981 when he founded ACL (American Container Line). This business has earned him a large circle of connections, in private and public sectors in Vietnam, a fast developing country with many new and under-tapped markets. From these experience and connections came a vision that was conceptualized for Vietnam, and a new corporate mission was mapped out, with the establishment of Avi Trade Corporation, to pursue these visions, in the mid 2005.

Avi’s long-term goal is to achieve the optimal growth of its corporate base through diversification. With emphasis in the initial phase to develop and to market its own product brands worldwide, the company hopes to capture the market through strategic marketing plans over which product quality and pricing policy would be keys to its success. Besides its own brands, the company also secures the exclusive distributorship of certain key consumer products in the Pacific Rim, or at least in Vietnam, Kingdom of Cambodia, and Laos. The service segment at Avi currently includes a few major projects, with the cooperation of key partners, which are very well-known in the industries.

On the trade side:

    • Dietary supplements
    • NaPa Wine
    • US Industrial Fertilizers
    • Daklak instant Café
    • Entrust Milk
    • Vietnam Fragrance Rice
    • Vietnam Tea
    • Aircraft Parts.

On the service:

    • Finance consulting
    • Trade consulting ,
    • Marina consulting ,
    • Agriculture consulting
    • Solar Energy

AVI’s Partners:

    • Shunfat supermarket
    • Kootoro
    • Hayward quartz
    • East West Bank
    • American Container Line shipping Co.,